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Yorba Linda, situated just north of Anaheim Hills, boasts award-winning schools, attractive neighborhoods, plus terrific shopping and dining. The city’s rolling hills offer picturesque views of mountains, streams, parks, valleys and city lights — all within minutes of Disneyland and the beach.

This North Orange County city incorporated November 2, 1967.

The City of Yorba Linda is often ranked as America’s richest city — the U.S. Census Bureau shows a median household income of $121,075, higher than any other city in 2006.

Historically, Yorba Linda traces its history at least to the 1800s. In 1834, Jose Antonio Yorba’s most successful son Bernardo Yorba (after whom the city would later be named) was granted the 13,328-acre Rancho Cañón de Santa Ana by Mexican governor José Figueroa. Most of this original land was retained after the Mexican American war in 1848, by descendants of the original Yorba family. A portion of the city’s land is still owned and developed by descendants of Samuel Kraemer, who acquired it through his marriage to Angelina Yorba, the great granddaughter of Bernardo Yorba. The Yorba family still owns portions of Yorba Linda, and there is still the Yorba Ranch along the 91 freeway. The site of the Bernardo Yorba Hacienda, referred to as the Don Bernardo Yorba Ranch House Site, is listed as a California Historical Landmark. Near that same site sits the second oldest private cemetery in the county, the Historic Yorba Cemetery. The land was given to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles by Bernardo Yorba in the year of his death, 1858 (since the area was still part of Los Angeles County until 1889). The cemetery closed in 1939 and was subsequently vandalized. In the 1960s, the Orange County Board of Supervisors took possession of the property to repair the damage.

Yorba Linda lies within ZIP Codes 92885, 92886 and 92887.

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